Gold Winner of the Special Needs Book Awards under the category of Early Childhood Special Needs.

Silver Winner of the Special Needs Book Awards under the category of Autism Related Disorders.

For it is by the love of the least,

the bruised, and the smallest of all humans

that we find the greatest love in this selfish world.

Becoming a parent is life altering in itself, yet for a select few parents gifted in raising a special needs child, life is abruptly turned upside down as they discover that their precious child has been diagnosed with a life changing condition. In the unique true story of Loving the Soul Beneath the Autism, one family’s heartfelt account is revealed through honest confessions and helpful strategies that provide insight for a parent, grandparent, friend, and others into the interior feelings and external experiences with which special needs families struggle every day. You will be guided through the early life stages of one family’s child, beginning in utero and culminating with his entrance into school at the age of five. Within these pages, you will be led to realize that those with special needs, the elderly, and the smallest of all humans are not a burden to society but an amazing and important gift to each of us during every moment of their natural life!

Are you ready to accept a request to grow with acceptance, hope, love, understanding, and peace for the millions of families attempting to guide a child diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and like conditions to function in the over stimulating world in which we are living today?


This book will answer numerous questions such as:

How to help a children regain a healthy sleeping pattern?

How a consistent schedule helps provides security to the child?

How to help extend short attention spans?

How siblings can teach much needed life lessons?

How to relay the diagnosis to extended family members?

How to navigate throughout special needs services?

How to become an advocate for your child?

How to abandon selfishness for a child?

What it truly means to love another?

…. and many more!