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Mother’s Book that Brings Light to the Familiar yet Misunderstood Condition of High Functioning Autism, ADHD, and IED


LANCASTER, PA – April 2, 2016 – A one of a kind book dictating how it is difficult enough becoming a parent of any child, let alone the discovery that, that perfect bundle of joy possess’ a lifelong special needs diagnosis. This first-hand account will provide insight to help aid other parents, grandparents, friends, and speculators to open their hearts to understand the interior feelings and external experiences in which special needs families struggle with every day.


Loving the Soul Beneath the Autism: An Interior Analysis of the Impact a Special Needs Child Bestows upon the family is Janele Hoerner’s attempt at explaining to the world the significance of children with Autism, ADHD and related diagnosis’ as well as their worth to society.


 It was a life that was at times heartbreaking, trying, and frustrating and yet through the perseverance of always looking for the betterment of her child’s life, rather than a Mother’s own needs, wants, and desires became the most rewarding experience of all. A journey in which the author wishes to share with other parents discovering their own child’s diagnosis as well as curious audiences. Within the pages you will be taken of a journey of every life stage beginning with the author’s child in utero throughout his entrance into school at the end of his fifth year of life.


Loving the Soul Beneath the Autism has a twofold way of reading additionally, as it allows a quick read path for individuals that are very busy within their own lives as well as a typical cover to cover format. This resource does not only detail what the diagnosis were as it gives the reader a description as to what each life stage felt like to the author herself. Questions are answered such as:

  • How to instill peace within the family?

  • How to abandon selfishness for the special needs child?

  • How to change your life for the betterment of your child?

  • How to help these child regain a healthy sleep pattern?

  • How to relate the diagnosis to extended family members?

  • How to become an advocate for your child?

  • How to guide a special needs child into the life you always envisioned for them?


“For it is by the love of the least, the bruised, and the smallest of all humans that we find the greatest love in this selfish world,” says Hoerner as she closes the first chapter of Loving the Soul Beneath the Autism.


Janele Hoerner lives as a stay at home mom with her soon to be five children and supportive husband in Lancaster Pa. Each and every day she works to guides all of her children, but especially her first born son on his journey of living day in and day out with the multiple diagnosis’ of High Functioning Autism, ADHD, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. She teaches him daily with her words, guidance, and love that his diagnosis are important for others to understand why he is different, but his soul in which she believes is buried beneath the diagnosis itself will only define him.


Loving the Soul Beneath the Autism: An Interior Analysis of the Impact a Special Needs Diagnosis Bestows upon the Family (14.95, 254 pages, 6x9, paperback, ISBN: 1516919017) is available at at

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